The practice of resorting to the services of specialists, rather than solving their problems on their own, is extremely common in Europe. In addition, when arriving in Cyprus, many of our compatriots need real help. They urgently need a nanny - exactly 2.5 hours, caring for a relative or animal, the need to translate a document or transport their own belongings from an apartment to a bungalow by the sea.


The site Pazaribit has collected in its catalog all private ads in Cyprus, which relate to the service sector. On the other hand, those willing to clean, perform the function of a nurse, do a manicure, take animals to overexposure or edit your memoirs, publish their ads on the same resource.

As a result of the deliberate "contact" between the two stakeholders, private business in Cyprus is flourishing and the personal comfort of those who settled within these island states is increasing.


The important point - you can designate your ads as "premium". This is a guarantee that the maximum number of interested people will see them. Additional bonus - 4 languages, which "works" Pazaribit. Therefore, they are willing to use those who speak Russian, English, Greek and Turkish.