Real estate

The one who has the information, owns the world. The site Pazaribit has collected for you all information about affordable property in Cyprus. All objects are collected in a convenient catalog and are provided by the direct owners. If necessary, the reader can limit the search to the parameters he needs, for example, by price or location.


The site Pazaribit provides a complete description of apartments, houses, villas, backed up with photographs. In addition, the direct contacts of the owner or agency that has been granted the right to rent out real estate in Cyprus are indicated. This practice is resorted to by people who have acquired property here, but rarely appear on the island. And they are deprived of the opportunity to conduct their own affairs.


Such a system of providing information allows the visitor of our site to save on commissions, which the intermediary would inevitably take. In addition, you can track the best option for yourself and have time to book it first.


Nuance - the catalog includes offers about the real estate of North Cyprus. Due to the uncertain status of this territory, it is here that you can find the most profitable offers for rent or put your own square meters at our virtual auction.