The Pazaribit site is a treasure trove of information. This section of private ads in Cyprus is dedicated to animals. Separately - to cats, personally - to dogs. And one more section - for other animals. Thanks to the information collected on the site, the user will know where to buy or sell these animals. In addition, the popular business in Cyprus - to take animals for overexposure, for a moderate fee.


Another popular category - goods for animals. Here you can buy / sell feed, accessories, care products or share the coordinates of a grooming specialist, veterinarian.


The private ads we collect in Cyprus are valuable because they are placed by the direct owners of animals or by those who are ready to provide them with a specific service or product. Therefore, the cost of living "goods" or the items it needs will be lower than with other methods of purchase.


What else? All information is posted on 4 languages, accepted in circulation in Cyprus, so your product will be available to anyone. Or you will have access to all the offers of the island, thanks to the polyilinguism of the resource. In addition, at your disposal will be information about all vacancies in Cyprus in this subject, so you easily pick up the proposal you are interested in.